Having trouble starting your car? The following are some of the common symptoms to look for.

Why doesn’t my Nissan Sentra start?

What if my car is silent when I turn the key in the ignition?

You could have poor electrical connections at the battery terminals. Corrosion builds up at the top of the battery next to the terminals, which may affect the connection. You may need to clean or replace the battery terminal or cables.

What if the car makes a clicking noise but doesn’t start?

The clicking sounds usually means it’s a dead battery. If it’s not a dead battery, check for a loose connection to and from the starter.

What if my car cranks but won’t start?

Examine the fuel supply to your engine. Your engine may not be getting enough fuel. Is it okay? An electrical spark may not be reaching your spark plugs.

Why does my engine start but dies afterward?

Do you have a carburetor or fuel injection? Carburetors mix the right quantity of gas with air, and its purpose is to make sure the engine runs properly. Check the carburetor adjustment and your choke.

Newer cars use fuel injection because it’s more fuel efficient and produces fewer emissions. You will need professional help if you have a fuel injection engine.

Upgrade to a New Nissan Sentra

It may be time to upgrade to a new Nissan Sentra. Explore some of the Sentra’s features online then come in for a test drive and see for yourself how the Sentra feels and drives.

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