There has been a lot of talk about the new Nissan Leaf, and that’s not surprising. What’s not to like about our newest all electric car? When equipped with the 30KWh battery pack, it has a range of 107 miles. That’s a longer range than most EVs on the market right now.

First-time electric car buyers usually have a lot of questions about how to charge their electric cars, and they worry it’ll be too big of a hassle. Worries like those are put to rest with the Nissan Leaf’s 100% electric drive system and nine range-maximizing features that will help them go farther on every charge.

How Do You Charge a Nissan Leaf?

Charging at Home

If you know how to plug in your cell phone or your computer, then you’ll be able to charge your new Nissan Leaf, no problem.

The 240-volt charge can easily be installed in your car’s garage or at another location at your home. Additionally, you don’t have to buy a charger through Nissan. Because it is a standard Level 2 charger, you can purchase the charging station that suits you. Many of these can quickly be found on Amazon or through other retailers.

Having a charging station at your house will save you time and money that you might have spent at the gas station. It also gives you the advantage of letting you charge when electricity rates are lower. Installing a charger in your home gives you all the power.

Charging on the Road

While most Americans only travel 37 miles on the average day, we do love a good road trip. Don’t worry. If you have a long distance trip planned, your Leaf can still get you there.

There are over 20,000 Nissan Leaf compatible charging stations throughout the country. Locating these stations are a breeze with the LEAF EZ-ChargeSM app. You can download it on your iPhone or Android device, or you can access it from the web.

In addition to locating charging stations, this app will allow you to keep track of your car’s charge, schedule charging, check your current range, and turn on climate control. With all of this info in one place, you’re ready to hit the road.

If you’re still not certain the Nissan Leaf is the right car for you, or you think charging your car may be too much of a hassle, then consider the amount of money you’ll save by not purchasing gas. In order to get an accurate figure, Nissan has created a Gas Savings Calculator.

You could also go test drive a Leaf at your local Nissan dealership to see how well they handle in person. The results will speak for themselves.