Navigation systems are so commonplace today, it’s a wonder people were able to get around before their invention. There are plenty of occasions when we would literally be lost without them.

For the most accurate directions and to stay safe, you need to make sure you keep the onboard navigation system in your Nissan up to date. You don’t want to turn right on a road only to find it doesn’t exist anymore or it has changed to a one-way street.

How to Update the Navigation System in Your Nissan

Nissan understands the importance of creating GPS systems with only the highest level of accuracy. This is why they have teamed up with HERE, a global leader in navigation, mapping, and location experiences. HERE collects data through their fleet of mapping vehicles deployed throughout the world to make their maps and directions superior. They are also working on next-generation functionality such as advanced lane guidance, voice recognition, and the use of speed limit data to more accurately calculate ETAs.

If it’s time to update your Nissan navigation system, then you can easily do so one of two ways:

  1. Visit the Nissan navigation system page and select your vehicle. You will then be required to answer a few more questions to ensure you are sent the correct update. Once you select the product you require and purchase it through their secure ordering process, Nissan will ship you the update and you can install it yourself.
  1. Simply visit your local Nissan Service Department, and they can take care of everything for you.

If you decide to visit your local Service Department, then it’s also an excellent opportunity to give your Nissan a check-up. Service Departments provide vital services for the health of your car such as:

There is no need to drive around with faulty information on your Nissan’s GPS. Visit Zimbrick Nissan’s Service Center or schedule an appointment online. We’re conveniently located in the Madison, Wisconsin, area, close to Sun Prairie, Middleton, and DeForest.