Just like every other automaker, Nissan used the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Vegas as the perfect opportunity to showcase the incredible advances they have been working on. You can already enjoy amazing safety, sound, navigation, and more in the latest Nissan vehicles, but soon there will be even more technology to marvel at.

Read on to discover what Nissan is bringing to your car in the future.

Check Out Nissan Tech from CES


The biggest news from Nissan at the 2017 CES was that Cortana will be integrated into its vehicles in the future. You may know Cortana as the Microsoft assistant that helps you out on your computer (and is also available on smartphones). Soon, this technology will be accessible in your Nissan as well.

Experts already knew that Microsoft has been working hard to help integrate Cortana into vehicle windshields via a virtual map and that Nissan had used a special Windows version in their vehicles in the past. However, we still have lots to learn about this collaboration.

Self-Driving Cars

Nissan is also working on creating a self-driving car, but they are doing it via AI. Their system, Seamless Autonomous Mobility, is essentially a workaround that will help when early autonomous vehicles cannot handle a situation. If the car does not know what to do in a situation, such as at a roadblock with hand signals used, the car will pull to the side and contact the command center for help. Then, control will be given back to the driver until it’s safe to let the car take over again.

Over time, the system will learn how to react to these situations on its own, minimizing the need for human intervention.

Driverless Commercial Vehicles

Nissan also showed off autonomous driving technology for commercial vehicles. They are working with DeNA for the rest of the decade, hoping to start testing driverless tech in Tokyo mobility services by 2020.

LEAF with ProPilot

In a move toward autonomous driving that will be coming sooner, Nissan gave us more details about the next generation of the Nissan LEAF. It will have the ProPilot system, a semi-autonomous system currently found on the Sirena, a model sold in Japan.

Get to Know Current Nissan Technology

With the potential for Cortana to be in your future Nissan vehicle, the automaker reinforces their dedication to providing drivers with the latest technology possible. Clearly, Nissan is working hard to make sure they always bring new technology to their cars to keep them exciting.

If you want to learn more about the tech available in the current Nissan lineup, visit Zimbrick Nissan or try the infotainment system for yourself on a test drive around Madison, Wisconsin.