The Nissan Z series of models continues to impress consumers generation after generation. Nissan, then Datsun, gained notoriety in the 1960’s with the Fairlady Z model. Known for style and performance, the Z-series following is broad and unwavering.

At Zimbrick Nissan, we think it’s worth remembering what the Z series has meant to this brand. Read on to learn more about these incredible cars, or skip the history lesson and visit our showroom to see what a 2017 370Z is capable of.

What is the Legacy of the Nissan Z Series?

Early Years

The first of Nissan’s Z cars hit the US market in October of 1969. The 240Z had a bold look and offered powerful performance. Through the 1971 fiscal year, more than 45,000 units sold. The 260Z followed in 1974 featuring an increased engine displacement of 2.6L.

1975 brought the Nissan 280Z and another engine displacement enlargement of 2.8L. A major change came when the Bosch Fuel Injection system replaced previous SU carburetors. Power was increased to 170 horsepower. The 280Z also saw the Z’s first major redesign, with striking features such as an enlarged bumper.

The Z grew up a lot from the first generation to the next. Nissan’s 1978 280ZX introduced a more luxurious feel that met consumer demands. A turbocharged model followed the next year capable of 180 bhp (130 kW).

In 1979, Motor Trend named the 280ZX the Import Car of the Year. The model set record sales in the first year with 86,007 units sold. The Z-Car had hit a new level of prestige, and the third generation got another clean redesign taking the Nissan Z to newer heights.

The 10th anniversary edition had a flashy new look. Nissan played up the style by adding gold emblems, gold alloy wheels, and two toned paint. Top of the line features included leather seats, headlamp washers, and automatic climate control. The T-top made also its first appearance.


Cultural Legacy of the Nissan Z
Racing enthusiasts have followed the lineup since the beginning. Actor Paul Newman drew attention to the series by racing with the vehicle and starring in a series of commercials promoting the brand. He is credited with turning Nissan into a household name.

ZCON is an annual Z-Car convention held around the United States since 1988. The convention is the largest annual gathering of Z car clubs and enthusiasts in the country. Nissan sponsors the event.

The Nissan Z Lives On at Zimbrick Nissan

There’s no word yet on when Nissan will come out with the 2018 Z car. Until then, tide yourself over by taking a spin in this year’s model. The 370Z comes complete with a 3.7 L V6 engine and 332 to 350 hp. This Z series model will get you where you need to go, perhaps faster than you need to get there.

The 2017 Nissan 370Z is available now at Zimbrick Nissan. We’ve also got the 370Z Roadster if you prefer to put the top down. Schedule your test drive now, and a member of our staff will be more than happy to make your day.