Have you ever dreamt of becoming a professional racecar driver, but brushed it off thinking you don’t have the experience? So had the alumni and champions of GT Academy, until the day their dreams became reality.


So what exactly is NISMO® GT Academy? It’s a racing school where ordinary people go to train to become a professional racecar driver. GT Academy students are challenged physically and mentally to see if they have what it takes to become a professional driver.


GT Academy was started in 2008 by NISMO® and Sony as an experiment. They were curious to see if excellent video game driving skills could be transformed into real-world driving skills. Yes, you heard that right — a school that turns gamers into race car drivers.


GT Academy has produced champions that challenge even the best Gran Turismo drivers in the United States.


This ‘Back to Basics’ series follows GT Academy champions as they continue their training.
Check out past seasons of the on-going GT Academy Show to see your favorite champions win during their season!