New Frontiers are meant to be explored, and Nissan likely had that in mind when they named their midsize pickup truck.

It’s less likely they expected anyone to take a Frontier and upgrade it with the engine from a GT-R, but that’s exactly what this British tuning company did to make the Nissan Navara-R.

How were these two Nissan models joined in such an unlikely marriage? And perhaps more than how … why?

We have those answers for you in our review of the Nissan Navara-R.

“We are open to the craziest of ideas.”

The midsize pickup we know as the Nissan Frontier is called the Nissan Navara in the United Kingdom, a country that doesn’t have buffalo and a spirit of manifest destiny to romanticize. They do, however, have a tuning company called Severn Valley Motorsport (SVM), which hails from Shropshire, a small town near Birmingham.

According to Top Gear, SVM decided to put the engine from a Nissan GT-R into a Nissan Navara “because they could.”

This is the small company’s way of showing off, and we have to admit, packing an 800 horsepower engine into the body of a pickup truck is a great way to get people’s attention.

Yes, we did say 800 horsepower.

A standard GT-R – Nissan’s infamous performance coupe, the car enthusiasts call “Godzilla” – comes with a 550 horsepower engine. So in addition to putting that turbocharged V6 into the Navara, they also boosted its power output, which would put the truck’s top speed at somewhere over 200 mph.

SVM also swapped out the gearboxes, replacing the Navara’s standard stick shifter with the GT-R’s precision dual-clutch transmission.

The end result is a truck that can not only get you all of the speeding tickets in the world, but it can also haul a couch. It gives new meaning to the idea of versatility.

But really, why would SVM do this?

Their own Luke Anthony affirms that it was to show the world what they’re capable of. SVM is apparently open to even crazier ideas, like taking the body of the Navara and mounting it on the GT-R’s drivetrain, independent transaxle 4WD and all. “Anything is possible,” Anthony told Top Gear. “We are open to the craziest of ideas.”

The Navara-R is not for sale, and a custom-tuned ride from SVM will cost you a pretty penny without even considering having to get it over here from the UK. This insane truck’s notability speaks for itself, though. The ingenuity that went into making it work and the enduring legacy of the GT-R are amazing to behold.

It just goes to show what the Nissan lineup can inspire some people to do.