Learning your vehicle’s recommended maintenance schedule will add years to the life of your Nissan. Even between scheduled oil changes, however, there are a few signs that will let you know the oil change needs to happen sooner rather than later. Read more to learn what these signs are and what they could mean for your Nissan.

Signs Your Vehicle Needs an Oil Change

1) Check Engine Light or Oil Change Light

Some indicators that light up on your dashboard do not necessarily require immediate attention, but if the oil change light comes on while you are driving, it is vital that you shut down the vehicle immediately. The engine cannot run without the proper levels of oil so if you continue to run the engine with low or dirty oil, the engine will have irreparable damage or may even cease functioning altogether.

2) Dark or Dirty Oil

If after performing the dipstick test the oil comes out dark in color or noticeably thick, it is time for an oil change. Clean oil is translucent but picks up dirt and grime over time. Since oil is the lubricant of the engine, running the engine with dirty oil will make the engine run less effectively and will even cause damage over time. Make it a habit once a month or before a long road trip to check the color and consistency of the oil.

3) Knocking Sound

A knocking sound is not only a strong indicator that your vehicle needs an oil change, it is evidence that the engine is already experiencing damage. Oil provides a protective barrier between the moving parts of the engine, but without this barrier, the engine can damage itself. While changing the oil will likely remove the sound, it will not correct the damage that was done to the engine.

Schedule an Oil Change in Madison, WI

Whether your Nissan is experiencing any of these signs currently or it’s time for your regularly-scheduled oil change, our service center at Zimbrick Nissan will ensure your vehicle is running up to standard and will help you find the right maintenance schedule. Schedule your next oil change today and add years to the life of your Nissan.